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Shayna protects Arizona employees.  She counsels employees regarding workplace issues and disputes, and represents them in lawsuits against employers for discrimination, harassment, hostile work environment, assault and battery, wrongful termination, and similar claims.


Shayna also works with Arizona's employers to create and maintain a workplace where all employees feel comfortable and can do their best work, driving revenue and benefiting both employer and employee. To achieve that goal, and using her background as a teacher, Shayna provides in house training to employers (manager and/or employee level) that is direct and results driven.  These training sessions focus on preventing discrimination, harassment, or a hostile work environment.


To further protect Arizona's employers and employees, Shayna prepares written policies and procedures typically found in an employee handbook, and regularly drafts employment related contracts such as non disclosure agreements, employment and 1099 agreements, severance agreements with restrictive covenants, and joint employer agreements.  


In the unfortunate event that an employer must furlough workers or reduce their workforce, Shayna has substantial experience handling such matters.

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1801 E. CAMELBACK RD | SUITE 102 #1057 | PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85016

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